2011-09-17 03:09 UTC

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Would it be possible to add a sound effect for the virtual soroban? After all, hearing the clicking of the beads as they move is part of the soroban "experience" :-)

Keep up the good work!

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-09-17 10:26 UTC

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Technically, there is 2 virtual sorobans: the one in flash for browser that don't support HTML5/canvas, and the one in HTML5/canvas.
For the last one, I have coded it myself, so I guess I can hack some sound somewhere. For the first one, may be it's possible or not.

The major problem is: which sound ? I haven't even a descent mic here. and to get a very good sound you need expensive microphones. Also I don't even have a wooden soroban, only one made of plastic.

I add this to my TODO list but don't hold your breath. I make no promises.

I suspect you just tried the soroban at http://www.sorobanbrasil.com.br/sorocalc. I did. and found annyoing the noise because it was not that good. (the sound is too repetitive. This makes me think that if I ever implement this, I need at least 3 different sounds of bead)

Also, what I wanted to do is change the way the beads move to make it more smooth.


2011-09-18 00:03 UTC

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If you Google for "click wav" for example, you will find many clicking sounds.

For example http://buggerluggs.tripod.com/wavs/click...

There are some iPhone/iPad soroban apps with clicking sounds. See for example:


Another video with nice sounds (and no background music!):


Hope this helps!