2011-04-28 07:13 UTC

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Awesome website! I use it almost daily for exercises. I need some detailed tutorial on Anzan. We dont have any teachers here in my place where i can go for help. Kindly help me with a link to where i can find it. I've been looking on google but cant find it.

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-04-28 09:33 UTC

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anzan is the fact of visualising a soroban in your head to make mental calculation. the techniques are exactly the same than with a real soroban.

So you must first learn to use a real soroban and reach a certain level of practice. Once there, you can try to begin adding simple number of only one digit. then 3 numbers of one digit, then 4 and so on. then 2 digits ...

You could use the generator of anzan exercices on this site:
It will give you a paper where you can take your time to make the operation mentally.
Once you are confident you can try the anzan software

but you must absolutly master the basic use of a soroban first before trying to practice anzan.

here is 2 excerpts from 2 books, found on Totton Heffelfinger & Gary Flom's site:

this site also contains lots of material about abacus and soroban. You will also find there tutorials to learn to use soroban and abacus.


2012-10-29 11:14 UTC

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Thanks for doing this website! What do you think of all the training centers and instructors for the soroban? Do you think they are just money making schemes? I have a six year old child who is interested in this but I'm not sure if your website would be enough. Would you recommend a certain amount of practice a day?