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2019-08-13 04:06 UTC

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Hello, my name is Alex, from Brazil.
Can you help me? how much "math/calculation" can i make to each level? i'm on 9th kyu.

But, this site generate 25 archives. However, i'm training all until i become automated. Soon after, going in next level "8th kyu".

Am I doing it right? I want to achieve to the Anzam!


solsTiCe d'Hiver

2019-08-17 07:51 UTC

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Hello Alex,

In the french book "Le boulier Initiation" from Cumin-Hoselnlopp, it is said you have 10 minutes for each section. So 10 minutes for the additions-subtractions, then 10 minutes for the multiplications, then 10 minutes for the divisions.

Once you are able to achieve an almost 100% correct score (at least a couple of times), I guess you can go on and move to next level.
You can take the time limit into account or not. The important thing is to be confortable before moving to another level.

Remember that higher kyu are easier and lower kyu are harder.

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