2024-04-02 19:29 UTC

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Thank you for this website. I am still new to the soroban and the generator helps me a lot.

I'd like to suggest a new way to practise: numbers flash on a screen, one at a time, at a short interval. (See this video for an example:

In the video, the numbers flash extremely fast, but the speed could be a setting; the user may even choose to press enter or a button to display the next number.

The main goal would be to focus on one operation at a time. At present, I download PDFs. I look at the screen, look down to work on the soroban, then lift my head back at the screen and my eyes wander a little bit to refocus on the operation at hand. This is no big deal; actually this is part of the challenge. But we're not in a competition; we're here to enjoy practising the soroban.

Have a wonderful day!

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2024-04-03 07:40 UTC

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You mean something like our tool on the page at ? ;-)

Or if you want a desktop app, there is also a little app we made. You can use it offline, if you don't use the TTS speach synthetizer.



2024-04-03 17:11 UTC

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Yes, that's precisely it! :-)
The voice synthesis is a nice touch.

Have a nice day!