2023-08-26 05:00 UTC

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Hi, seems like there was a recent change to the format which causes some pages to overflow to the second page instead of fitting onto a sheet of Letter. Is this intentional?

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2023-08-28 08:09 UTC

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Yes. I wanted to increase the padding and margin to give more space to the numbers in the tables.
and to let more space for people to write down their answers on paper

This had the side effect to push down onto a second page most of the templates level.

I could eventually revert it. Not sure.

When I design it some many years ago, I wanted it to fit in one page most of the time. So this breaks this idea, like you said.

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2023-08-29 21:56 UTC

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I have tweaked a bit more the PDF page layout.

This made me think, that you would better use the option to display answers either at the end on a split page, or inline, or none at all. Instead of the default, which is at the end of the page (now).

That way, it fits on the same page most the time (meaning for high kyu/low level)