Luis Gustavo

2023-05-20 02:12 UTC

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Hello! I am from Brasil. My name is Luis Gustavo. I am willing to translate this content.

Thank you!

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2023-05-21 15:45 UTC

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I just noticed your message. Sorry for the delay.

I am setting things up at to be able to translate the website.
I'll come back very soon with more details.

You can already create an account on if you wish?

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2023-10-16 10:14 UTC

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It's been some time, since my last message.

For now, I will not use transiflex.

I have used automated translation engine online, to translate the site in portuguese, but I guess the result is subpar and not very good. It is already online and you should see it, if you are using the pt_ locale in your browser.

As I don't consider it official yet, it does not appear in the language menu.

If you want to work on the translation, I can give you the *po* file. Either the one I am using with the already translated string, but this will mean correct every string.
Or, it might be easier to start from scratch.