2022-09-21 23:53 UTC

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Difficulty ( per set )
Fingering count
Please someone explain this to me

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2022-09-25 20:03 UTC

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It is an indication of the difficulty of the operation to be performed.

For the same kind of operations, you can have one that is rather easy to perform, given the random number that you got, or otherwise a little more difficult with more bead moves to realize, for other random number. Even for the same number of digits and operands, overall.

This can help you understand why you have failed or not; you are more likely to fail on an exercise you don't master yet, and even more if there is more fingering than usual.

The difficulty is calculated based on the number of fingering (the number of times you have to move beads with a finger) needed to get the result.

Either, you can have the raw number displayed, or a simple rating based on 3 stars. The number of stars is calculated by using the fingering count and the average difficulty of similar problems.

2 stars is the average difficulty. 1 star is below average, and 3 stars is above average.