2015-05-02 20:06 UTC

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Where's the best place to start?
I want to teach my kids - aged 10 and 6.

I've seen in youtube videos, the importance of finger exercises.
It would be good to have a master guide - something that teaches what you need to know first and then what to go onto next.

And, how do you do Soroban without the Soroban!?
I first found the Soroban when I saw a Youtube video with kids from India waving their fingers in the air and doing large sums.

I'm fairly good at using the abacus using an app on my phone. I've just received 2 abacus's in the post.
I'm happy to know you have to master using it in the first place.

But, in the end, what is the method of using the Soroban in your head? The kids I saw on the video where using their fingers and looked as though they were looking into blank space! Obviously, they had a picture in their minds they were looking at.




2016-03-02 19:15 UTC

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Jus follow the links.
I mean in this site:
you could find very good material to print and use.