2017-05-11 07:02 UTC

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I came from Germany and i use the Soroban since 4 days ago (07.05.2017 germany date (7 may 2017)) but i am not so good with soroban (with simple addition too, 70% of my solutions are always wrong lol) and where site is where i can learn how i can use soroban (abacus mystery of the bead) is in english and i dont understand not so much from that site but i learn more hours as i ever learn in school lol. the site sorobanexam is a great site for learning and generate random tasks.Thank you for the site. But if anyone read this where can speak german and know how to work with the soroban it would be good if he writes me here. (Other guys can writes me too where speak english but it would better in my mother language) And again thanks for the great site.

Oh, and greetings from germany to the site owner


2018-05-31 08:51 UTC

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Know that there are many applications that can help you.
There are also many tutorials on Youtube.
Look also on Amazon, it seems to me that there are books in English.
You would know how to speak French, I will have come to your aid with pleasure! ;-)
Yours truly