2020-04-07 12:31 UTC

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how many time i spend to master abacus.
how to start
this site is owsom
im 24 year old
my gmail id is __redacted__


2021-12-14 06:59 UTC

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I've been learning the soroban for a little over 5 years now. I've taught my son how to use it as part of our maths curriculum and am now sharing some sorobans with some of his friends. A bunch just arrived post and I wanted to test them out before turning the kids loose on them so where did I turn, but the trusty exam generator website that has been there since I started and helped me measure my progress and drive me to perform better each time I practice. Many thanks for designing and maintaining this awesome website. My enjoyment of soroban calculations would be less if this didn't exist.

And yes, if I you add up all the 30 minute sessions taking the exams, plus regular practice outside the exams, it is quite a lot of time spent, time very well spent.