2011-01-03 04:01 UTC

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Whenever I get an exam generated by the generator, It gives me problems that obviously don't go to the answer. It tried to tell me that 33/6 = 5. Thats not right. What is wrong here?

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-01-03 09:52 UTC

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You're right: may be, that should not be written that way. So we have 33 / 6 = 5.5
But it's written 33 / 6 = 5, because 5 is the answer you are expected to give because you don't have to calculate the fractional part of the solution.

Only in higher kyu, you have to calculate the fractional part of a division. And you just showed me that there is a slight problem i.e. that it is not specified which division need an answer with fractionnal part and with how much decimal.

I'll try to correct that in the future.


2011-01-03 19:39 UTC

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Thanks for the reply. Great site!