2013-01-24 15:46 UTC

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I've read somewhere that soroban levels start at 15 kyu and then goes through 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and so on, but the generator shows only from 9 kyu on.
Is it because these previous levels are easy?
I'm trying to introduce my 5-year-old daughter to soroban and I couldn't find easier exercises to help her out.

Does anyone know where I could find exercises from these levels (from 15 to 10)?

Thanks a lot

James Gortchial

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2013-01-25 08:38 UTC

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May be you are right about the 15th kyu level. But they might be very easy.

May be you can try the anzan page I offer. They are a little easier.

But I don't know where you can find 15th kyu exercise level


2013-01-25 17:02 UTC

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Hello. Thank you for replying fast.

I've been trying to find, but no success.

I think that these inicial levels are related to fingering and the first steps on the abacus. It's just sad I couldn't find exercises on them anywhere.
I'll keep searching and if I find something, I'll let you know and maybe you could add to the generator for future beginners.