2013-01-28 08:30 UTC

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hi, this is a bit off topic but i would like to know if it is possible to modify one of the flash anzan mental calculation programs so that it flashes pictures instead of numbers. i ask this because i am studying memory techniques and the one im studying right now is memorizing a deck of cards-i would like to be able to use the adapted anzan program to quicken my times and for overall testing just like the mental calculation.

i would be over the moon if anyone could help me out with this. other people have pointed me toward anki but the features of anzan are perfect for what im looking to achieve.

i hope there is someone out there that can help me with this

many thanks


solsTiCe d'Hiver

2013-01-28 10:17 UTC

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I was about to recommend anki too. It doesn't fit your need, does it ?

yes the anzan mentalcalculcation could be changed to use image but that would require some work to do so.


2013-01-28 13:43 UTC

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hey thanks for responding so soon. would it also be able to remember the order in which it shows the images so I could check my answers?


2013-01-29 12:55 UTC

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hi again. Would it be possible for you to show me how to change it or would you be willing to help me for a small donation perhaps?