2012-10-29 12:17 UTC

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Hi thanks. This site has been such a help.

One thing though, division is much easier for the third kyu exam than it is on your site:

For numbers, most have a 6 digit dividend and a 3 digit quotient (with the decimal point in any of the four spaces). Te rest are either a 6 digit dividend and a 2 digit quotient, or 5/3. For money, it is the same, but there is usually something like (three digit number) / (n/8) and (n/250) in decimal form of course.

The point is, they all divide evenly. There is usually only one problem in the money section which you have to stop and round. Indeed, part of the trick in dividing is knowing that the dividend is going to be zero so you can stop a little early and save time. Also, since the dividend zeros out like that, you can be sure that you are correct.

The site is great either way, thanks again.