solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-09-18 10:03 UTC

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If you're willing to help translate mental calculation into your language, you're welcome.

The translation project is now hosted on at You can translate online (the preferred way) or you can download the .po file and upload its translation later.

You'll need to translate approximatly 50 strings so it is not that much.

Be carefull to respect the %s or %d you may find in the strings. These are templates for numbers or strings.

Also the ampersand & you will find are shortcut accelerators used in menu. They are to be used with the ALT key. For example, if you see &Answers, Alt+A is a keyboard shortcut to that item. Just put the & before the letter you want to use. You can use whichever letter you want as long they are unique among a given dialog i.e. not twice the same letter.

Thank you