solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-04-27 18:43 UTC

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When looking at the logs of the site, I see that some people struggle to understand that they need to type the 5 digits shown on the soroban picture (captcha) just in the middle of the page.

Should it be more obvious that it's the 5 digits on the soroban image ? How ?
I have already changed a bit some message and added a caption to the image.

Note: on the generator page, check "Send me a file regularly", and click proceed to go to the subscription page


2011-04-28 16:37 UTC

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The message seems pretty clear to me.

However, note that there are *two* soroban pictures on that page, the captcha one, and the website banner image :-). I doubt that's the source of the confusion though.

What about changing the wording from:

"What is the number (5 digits) on the soroban ?"

to something like

"What is the 5-digit number displayed on the soroban image to the right?"

Also, you might want to limit entry to 5 characters, and limit also to digits.

PS. The mouse-over text on the image has "captcha" misspelled

Keep up the good work!

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-04-28 17:24 UTC

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OK. That's what I thought... about the 2 images ;-)
I added the "to the right" even though it was quite obvious to me.