2011-02-04 11:10 UTC

gravatar for pi_over_2

The mouse over descriptions for the flattr buttons seem to be reversed.

The one that says "Learn more" actually brings up a page when we can flattr the author of the site, and the one that says "Flattr the author of this site..." (or something like that) actually brings up a page when we can learn more.

Or maybe I am confused.

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-02-04 19:21 UTC

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yes. that's confusing. I was confused too, once or twice.

But I can't do anyhting about it because, I just copied-pasted a snippet of javascript from Flattr, and they decide how to print it.

The button called Flattr is to Flattr, and also where you can also learn more *about Flattr in general*, when you are not log into Flattr website.

The other button with the number still at 0 ;-) is to learn more about *the website to be flattred*, and where you can see the description of the site I have made at Flattr.

So, one is to learn more about Flattr, the other to learn about my site or the site to be flattred.