2010-12-31 17:48 UTC

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Ok, I have started using the Replay feature with anzan. When I miss a problem, it's either because I give an incorrect answer, or because I completely lost track of where I was mentally (anzan is hard! -- for me at least), in which case I want to replay without bothering to put an answer. But the current program forces me to put in an answer in order to use Replay. So one (small) improvement would be to allow to Replay without putting an answer.

I hope I'm not too demanding, but I'm encouraged by the "Comments welcomed".

One small gripe: I would have preferred a separate button for Replay, rather than the somewhat arcane Shift method, which forces the user to use the keyboard. The "Shift" method is also a bit of a "hidden" feature that's not obvious from looking at the user interface.

I have to say this website is the still best for soroban/anzan practice from everything I've seen on the web. And the voice dictation is really a killer feature.

I also use http://www.japanmatrix.com/anzan/ a bit, but it's not sufficiently configurable and too hard for me at my current anzan level.

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solsTiCe d'Hiver

2010-12-31 18:22 UTC

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You can press 'Check' button without putting any answer in the line edit box.
If you had read the README, you would have seen that, in case you don't want to check an answer, you can press 'TAB' key to put focus on the 'Start' button, and this way the 'Shift' key works and transforms the 'Start' button into a 'Replay' button.
Yes. That's even more compilcated that shift alone. But I can't do it any other way for the moment

Yes. It's meant as a hidden feature and will stay that way for the moment. Until I change my mind, may be.


2010-12-31 20:14 UTC

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Ok, thank you - I had missed that.


2011-02-24 14:34 UTC

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hi,I would like suggest that pressing the "shift" key together with "Enter" key also invoke the replay function.For me,i find it more user-friendly. TQ

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-02-24 19:06 UTC

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ooops. you spotted a bug. It was intended to work the way you described it. You can already use the "Enter" key on the numpad/keypad.

A new version with the fix is coming soon.