2011-01-05 02:34 UTC

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I was able to get the Mac version to dictate numbers digit by digit. I changed the script to send e.g. "1;2;3;4" instead of "1234" to espeak. So it says "one two three four" instead of "one thousand two hundred thirty four."

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-01-08 16:47 UTC

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yes. I was able to do it too.
What was bothering me, was that the GUI of the settings dialog had to be redone.

0.3.3 is coming soon with that feature.


2011-07-12 21:05 UTC

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I can't get it to work. I downloaded the right programs, but it goes automatically to Terminal.

What am I supposed to click?

And is there any actual installation for PyQt? I couldn't find one.

solsTiCe d'Hiver

2011-07-13 11:45 UTC

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What do you have installed ? only mental calculation ?
because you need qt and pyqt and espeak.
see the post http://www.sorobanexam.org/forum/viewtop...

And yes to run mental calculation, you need to go to a terminal and run
python ./mentalcalculation.py

I wasn't able to make a working app bundle for mac OS X. Sorry about that.
If you're able to fix it: http://goo.gl/FPY9B
When you launch the app, it gives nothing. Looking at console message, you will see an error like "mentalcalculation: error: no such option -p" that baffles me.