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2013-01-05 version of mentalcalculation fixes a problem with the file

2013-01-05 version of mentalcalculation fixes a problem with turkish minus sound


A problem that broke anzan/excel generator during one week is fixed. Did anyone noticed ?


Minor update for mental calculation, now at


Some rare users of the pdf generator may have been surprised to get a nyan cat in the top right corner of their pdf. It started with a test for logo (more on that later) and ended up as an easter egg. ;-)

Don't hammer the generator to get one! It's randomly generated and no more than once per day.

2012-02-27 version of mental calculation is out. It increases time before showing answer in "hands-free" mode. And don't fail if phonon is not present.

Warning: It seems there is a bug in phonon 4.6.0 on Linux; it breaks mental calculation. Try to use the 4.5.1 version of phonon or else try to use the vlc backend of phonon (but it is not that better).


Fix virtual soroban that was not displaying in IE6 and IE7. It was just a matter of a comma...


Add a turkish translation to worksheets. Fix display of utf8 character in pdf for some locale and configuration.

2011-12-06 version of mental calculation just changes the README/LISEZMOI to be more explicit about the option of Windows explorer that needs to be changed to be able to see hidden files/directories and to access the configuration file.


0.3.5 version of mental calculation is released; you can use F11 to switch to full screen. Font size is auto-adjusted with the size of the window. It is available in several new languagues now: czech, spanish, italian; french was already available.


Add 2 screencasts about mental calculation.


Another version: of mental calculation with other options now available: changing the font.


Another version: of mental calculation with other options now available: changing the colors of background and font and use a sound after each number. Look at the README.


Version of mental calculation is out just to add a minimize button at the main window.


Version of mental calculation is out just to change various maximum values in the settings dialog.


One can now use the virtual soroban on an interactive HTML worksheet.


Add a 9th kyu level for Moritomo aka. Official Abacus Association template.

Add an interactive html option to the generator to enter manually the solutions and check their correctness.


Switch from excanvas to flashcanvas to support IE6 and IE7 for the virtual soroban!


IE9 users on Windows 7 can pin the site/tab in their taskbar. And a new page with only the virtual soroban.


Some small changes, here and there, that you might notice... or not. The most notable one is that you can get 25 anzan worksheets at once now.


Version 0.3.4 of mental calculation is out:


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Version 0.3.3 of mental calculation is out. It fixes a bug about the way to replay by using <shift>+<Return> and adds the long awaited possibility to force espeak to pronounce numbers one digit at a time.


Add the possibility to see the steps of a custom operation on the virtual soroban.


Add a timeout option to the virtual soroban to speed up or slow down the play of tutorials.


Did you notice the Flattr button on the top right of the generator page ? You can now Flattr the website/generator !


Introduce a forum because there were too much comments (previously managed with the help of disqus).


We have a new domain name: You could update your bookmark to use


0.3.2 of mental calculation is out. It allows to replay a sequence. It would be helpful for beginners or for the ones trying a higher level of difficulty. You can't score twice when replaying a sequence you gave a good answer.

How to replay a sequence:

2010-12-29 of mental calculation is out to fix some bugs with espeak language and command when specified from .ini file.


That's embarassing: a new release of mental calculation, version, to fix a bug where one always get negative number.

And yet another release,, to remove sign of first number if using subtraction and rename negative numbers to subtraction in settings as suggested by pi_over_two.


Update mental calculation software to


Modify slightly the generator layout and redesign the subscription submit form.

Add the posibility to view the worksheets created by the generator during the last 3 days. Is this useful ?


A new stylesheet for the site! Using a new header image. The image is a modified version of the one found on I emailed them but never got a response. So I assumed it's ok.


Anzan xls generator is configurable now. You can choose with or without negative numbers, solutions and how many numbers in each addition

If you see a negative level for an anzan subscription, this can be dechipered as follow: negative sign means there will have negative numbers hence substraction, the absolute value of the level is the number of numbers in each additions.


Use tabs in generator page. Move anzan generator to generator.html page.


Fix a bug when no locale has been detected.

Allow the bulk retrieval of 25 copies at once.


Subscription to receive an Anzan XLS worksheet is now possible too.


Subscription system to receive exercises by email regularly.


Add a menu to pick a locale from the list of the autodetected ones.

Provide translated/localized PDF/HTML for the following locales:

Please use the forum to flag any error you may found: the translation comes from Google Translation.


Use the examples from the 2nd book of Takeshi Kojima Avanced Abacus: Japanese Theory and Practice as template.


There are 3 alternate stylesheets for the HTML output. Change the stylesheet from the menu of your browser.


New template based on the document (or here) provided by Gilbertus Albans from A.F.S.A. They are the grades from the Osaka Abacus Association.


Autodetect locale to properly format the numbers.


There is a new output format called Basic HTML which is in fact a proper aligned text version (and might replace the Plain Text version).