This page offers the possibility to automatically generate PDF, HTML and XLS files of so-called soroban examination. They are exercises based on examples found in books and other sources. Go to the home page to see images of such documents or try the generator below.

The generator

Choose your generator in the tab.

To pass an exam, you're supposed to complete a "10 additions" table in 10 minutes with 70% of accuracy, and each group of 10 multiplications (or divisions) in 5 minutes with also 70% of accuracy.

So, given the above, a Cumin-Hossenlopp example examination is supposed to take at most 30 minutes to be completed.

Simple additions of 1 digit number

This could be used with a soroban, as exercises for absolute beginners.

Or without soroban, as a way to introduce people to anzan, i.e. calculating while visualizing a soroban in your own head.

The generated files are one page of additions-subtractions of 1 digit number to practice anzan with a sheet of paper in front of you.

They are read by LibreOffice Calc, or any XLS Viewer.

This is the first step to practice anzan. Then, when you are fluent with this type of exercises, you can go and try the other tools: